Canada at The Venice Biennale: 2017

The Venice Biennale is among the most prestigious contemporary art events in the world, and the only international visual arts exhibition to which Canada sends official representation.

Geoffrey Farmer will represent Canada in 2017 at the 57th Venice Biennale. Farmer combines theatrical techniques such as staging and improvisation to create rich and layered works that are open to interpretation and propose multiple alternative narratives. Developed over extended periods of time, his sculptures and installations are in a constant state of transformation as the artist continues to revisit and alter them.

The official Canadian representation at the Venice Biennale will be made possible through the generous financial support of private philanthropists and corporations from Canada and abroad.

In a shared fundraising strategy with the National Gallery of Canada, the Foundation has established the following three national fundraising initiatives intended to provide long-term financial stability to Canadian representation at the Venice Biennale:

  1. The Canada Pavilion Renovation Fund: Target $5 million. To support the cost of renovating the Canada Pavilion.
  2. Canadian Artists in Venice Endowment: Target $15 million. To generate significant bi-annual dividends to support the participation of Canada’s artists at the Venice Biennale.
  3. Canadian Artists in Venice Exhibition Fund 2017: Target $2 million. To generate expendable cash in support of Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer in 2017.

Capital naming opportunities at the National Gallery of Canada are available in recognition of major gifts to these initiatives. Join us now in supporting premier Canadian artists.

For donors interested in more information on the 2017 Geoffrey Farmer exhibition project, please visit

For details on any of the above, please contact Karen Colby-Stothart, Chief Executive Officer of the National Gallery of Canada Foundation.